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The Golden Gate Dairy Stables, located on the Southern Marin Coast in Muir Beach, California is managed by Ocean Riders of Marin. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a Park Partner of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We are primarily a trail riding barn whose members are committed to the preservation and upkeep of the historic dairy and promoting safe and responsible trail sharing on officially designated trails.

Mission Statement: It is the Mission of Ocean Riders of Marin to preserve the Golden Gate Dairy as a horse boarding facility; to restore its historic structures; to continue sound principles of conservation to protect the local habitat of the Redwood Creek Watershed; and to offer equine facilitated learning opportunities to the public, especially to people from under resourced communities.

Horses are social animals and we are as committed to their mental well-being as we are to their physical well-being. When BOARDING ‘at the beach’ owners often comment on how content and relaxed their horses become.  

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We have developed educational Outreach Programs that offer opportunities for the pubic and youth to connect to our horses, the history and culture of the Golden Gate Dairy, and the local habitat we share.

Equine and Nature Guided
Learning and Healing

Owl leading horse

  • Riding and non-riding programs for fostering social connections and cultivating life skills such as confidence, assertiveness, empathy, and more.
  • Innovative programs for healing, increasing self- awareness, improving communication skills, and building relationships.
  • Connecting people to nature and each other
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Environmental Stewardship
and Leadership


  • Interactive nature experiences for young people with and without horses
  • Learning ‘Green Horse Keeping’ practices that protect land and water
  • Learning about our local habitat that we share and the cycles of life (Owl habitats)
  • Water conservation practices that protect the local Redwood Creek watershed
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Local History
and Culture


  • Visual interpretive center
  • Historic building restoration
  • Azorean dairy farming
  • Transition to Horse Boarding
  • Historic Buildings then and now
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