Nickname: Piglet (because of his love for taking mud baths!) 

Horsenality:  Ace is is an Appaloosa Gelding who has been with us for almost 18 years.  Although we don’t know his exact age we believe he is in his 30s (which is like a human in their 90s!) but Ace is still bright-eyed, peppy, animated, and loves to go to pasture with his buddies. He has lost most of his teeth so we feed him ‘baby food’ – mashed up pellet soup which he loves.  Ace is one of the kindest horses ever and very wise.  Ace loves napping in the arena with his buddies, going to pasture (but only after a big meal of mash since he can’t graze out there like the other horses) and taking mud baths when our arena forms a pond in the winter. 

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