Nicknames: BoBo, Bolicious 

Horsenality: Not only is he devastatingly handsome, Bo is also a true sweetheart.  He was born in the mountains of Kentucky but rescued at the age of 8 because he wasn’t being fed enough to eat.  He was brought to California and to a better life where he would never go hungry again.  Bo is a gaited horse so he is a true “Cadillac ride”!  Bo loves music, especially Hawaiian ukulele played by Bruce Barlow!  He enjoys being groomed and having coconut oil combed into his mane and tail until it shines.  Bo also loves long trail rides, especially with his buddy and neighbor Rascal, the ex-racehorse because they are well-matched in terms of pace and endurance.  Bo is a skilled soccer player, kicking the rubber ball all over the arena and thinking of himself as the Spanish CR siete of the equine world!

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