Lucky Little Bear

Nickname: Bear

Horsenality: You can’t miss Bear’s flashy good looks with his golden Buckskin coat and he knows it!  Bold, playful, and highly intelligent, Bear loves to be the center of attention.  In a herd of other horses Bear is dominant so he can be bossy at times, but he will respect another horse if they set a firm boundary with him and he is also very playful so loves social time.  Even with people, Bear prefers to be in the leadership role so he holds his human partners accountable for communicating clearly with him and being assertive when necessary, but he is also extremely sensitive and responsive to gentle energy, making him an excellent partner to practice balancing kindness and firmness to achieve both trust and respect. 

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Championed by:

Mr. Levi Valentine, Diamond Horseshoe
Mr. Frank Shippey, Gold Horseshoe
Ms. Nancy Raulston, Gold Horseshoe

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