THANK YOU to everyone who attended our recent fundraiser, contributed to our auctions, Championed our Horses, donated on-line, and helped make our event a success.  The red carpet Horse Runway Show was so much fun and the feelings of community, connectedness, generosity, joyfulness, and support was thick in the air.  Sending huge gratitude from all of us at Ocean Riders. 

Our horses are the heart of what we do.  Each unique horse at Ocean Riders participates and contributes in their own special way to the diverse public programs that we offer.  Please visit our Horse Champions Page to learn more about these phenomenal teachers and their unique “horsenalities”!  This project is on-going and we continue to add more of our horses to the campaign so check out their profiles today.  

Our programs teach leadership skills, promote an appreciation for our local watershed and inspire future stewards of the land.  Please visit our Program Page for more details about our ongoing equine guided growth and learning programs for under-resourced groups, environmental stewardship programs, and leadership workshops.   Building a covered arena is our current priority so we can provide these programs year-round and expand our impact to serve a broader population. 

OUR CURRENT GOAL:  Build A Covered Arena

Program planning is unreliable without an area for equine activities that is protected from wet weather   Children are disappointed and time and money is wasted when we have to cancel a program due to inclement weather.  A covered arena would allow us to provide programs regardless of weather conditions.

Now more than ever we need to take collective responsibility for protecting our environment, animals and natural resources.  Overwhelming research supports the countless health benefits of spending time in nature.  Ocean Riders is committed to teaching the next generation to be environmental stewards and all our programs emphasize the interconnectedness of living things and our responsibility for taking care of the land that takes care of us and our horses.

If this is a cause you believe in please consider supporting our mission.

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With your generosity we can reach this goal!  You can make a tax deductible donation online or by mail. We appreciate your support in any amount.  Thank you!


GOAL One’s Mission Has Been AccomplishedRe-roof Hay Barn

Ocean Riders sends gratitude to everyone who attended our 2015 fundraiser and donated to help us raise the $43,000 needed to restore the roof of the historic Portuguese dairy barn.

Thanks to your generosity, our most urgent goal to re-roof the historic dairy hay barn was accomplished the first year of our lease.   Once we’ve completed our year round program arena to offer workshops regardless of the weather, we will be able to raise funds through our for profit programs to support our not for profit programs to under resourced communities, and to preserve the beautiful historic buildings of the Golden Gate Dairy.  Please look at our History Page to learn more about our goal to provide an interpretive center exhibiting the Dairy Farmers from the Azores who inhabited this valley and Southern Marin.  

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