Ocean Riders is the Home of Happy Horses!  All horses live in roomy paddocks with attached shelters and receive daily turn out.  Horses are social animals and we are as committed to their mental well-being as we are to their physical well-being.  When boarding “at the beach” owners often comment on how content and relaxed their horses become.  

Horses are paired with compatible turnout companions to socialize, play, or nap in the sandy arena.  We are privileged and grateful to rent limited pasture space from our neighbor, Green Gulch Farm.  Horses who are herd-compatible enjoy intermittent pasture sharing time for socialization and exercise.  Not all horses are suitable for herd life and no mares are allowed in the gelding herds.  Safety for all is a priority and temperament and compatibility determine eligibility and herd combinations.  No horse will be accepted who requires pasture exclusively.

Full Time Boarding

  • Stall with attached roomy paddock cleaned daily; fresh water always available.
  • High quality hay fed twice daily according to weight and need.
  • Mid-day supplementation (provided by owner) given daily for no charge. 
  • Daily turnout in our sandy arena.
  • Intermittent pasture time if can be safely integrated into existing herds.
  • We are unable to provide full time pasture boarding.
  • $600/month.

We are currently accepting applications for boarding, please contact us for more information. 

Guest Boarding
We also offer dry season guest boarding by the day, week, month, or entire dry season (May through October). Stay at the Pelican Inn for a weekend and you can see your horses out your window.  Contact us for more information.