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Horsenality: Apache is simply dreamy.  He is a dashingly handsome, well-mannered, athletic and highly intelligent Leopard Appaloosa gelding.  Ample “go” makes him a powerful, fun horse to ride and respectful “whoa” makes him kind and safe. He’s very engaging, a bit stubborn and not afraid to tell you what he thinks.  Loving, comical, colorful and mischievous this 25 year old horse has so much heart and energy that he leaves younger horses in the dust…then he likes to take a nap!  It is highly possible that Apache is a descendant of the Indian Appaloosa horses of the Nez Perce tribe who lived in the plains west of the Rocky Mountains and were renowned for their uniquely intelligent, hardy and spotted horses.

 Work and Education: Before being adopted by Marcy, Apache was a winning barrel racer and often a parade horse. He can be ridden both Western and English and secretly enjoys first testing your skills in either discipline and then delivering a magnificent ride.  Family and Relationships: Apache and Pico are best friends and like to cause trouble together. Apache, encouraged by Pico, thinks it’s fun to run away, kicking up his heels in laughter when it’s time to leave the pasture and go back to the barn, like two naughty kids who don’t like bedtime. Apache definitely has a sense of humor! 

Life Events: On June 14, 2015, at 23 years old, Apache underwent an emergency surgery with only a 50% survival rate but he surprised veterinarians with his remarkable recovery.  Love, dedication and a deep connection with Marcy was a critical part of his healing.  In December 2016 Apache was there for Marcy following a family tragedy and the resulting aftermath she continues to experience. They saved each other in many ways and continue to do so.  September 15th, 2017 is the 7th Anniversary of Apache’s adopted life with Marcy. 

Program participation: Apache LOVES to work collaboratively as a team with humans and other horses.  His DISC leadership style is a “high S” which stands for Steadiness and emphasizes cooperation, supportive actions, sincerity, and dependability.  His expression is always one of pure joy and peace whenever he participates in the programs. 

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