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Horsenality: Flame is a bright and sweet (and handsome!) 27 year old Arabian who, like many Arabians sometimes “sees dragons.” Wanting to take excellent care of himself and his rider he has always been alert to everything around him.  By age 18, he’d seen enough of the world and relaxed some, becoming a wise trail horse who could show younger horses that it is ok to cross a bridge or pass through the sprinkler at Green Gulch farms.  He is a highly sensitive horse who can read human intentions closely.  He makes it really clear that if you treat him with respect for his natural dignity and emotional needs, all will be well, but he does not respond to force.  He’s very good at showing a person exactly how he feels about life at any given moment, from ears to tail tip he speaks clearly about what he’s feeling. And like all horses, Flame always lives in this moment. He is a very good teacher of the skill of being present.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]  Work and Education: Flame is an excellent student of Natural Horsemanship and was very grateful when his person finally learned some of those techniques. “At last,” you could see him thinking, “she’s learned how to talk to me in my language.”  He especially likes working “at liberty” (without a halter or rope).  Flame has been doing Volunteer Mounted Patrol for Tamalpais State Park for many years, helping to keep the trails safe and accessible. 

Family and Relationships: Flame has had his main person Jane since coming to Muir Beach in 1996, and over the years a small team of other riders, including Patty (now Bo’s person), Judith, and Sara.  He is in the herd known as the “Redheads” because they are all chestnut and live together on the Side Hill.


Interests: Food. Food. Food.  He loves having his face stroked when he’s relaxing by the tie bar.  Pausing to gaze into the distance when coming down a high trail and thinking philosophical thoughts (and reminding his person to stop and admire the landscape). 

Program Participation: In recent years, as he’s become more calm about life Flame has participated in children’s programs at the barn. He has also been working with his long-time second person, Judith in leadership training programs where he demonstrates just how sensitive a horse can be to human body language and intentions.  [/read]

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