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Nicknames: Pico Perfect

Horsenality: Pico is a Pinto gelding of unknown heritage as he was rescued from an auction on his way to slaughter. His body scars are proof of an unhappy beginning in life, but despite his traumatic past Pico is extremely friendly, animated, and playful often nodding his head at anyone walking by hoping to get a treat.  Although we don’t know the details of his past, it is clear that Pico’s story is one of true resilience, forgiveness and repair.  While he remains highly sensitive with humans, it is obvious that he has a deep desire to connect with people and he has had to overcome much in order to still be able to access this trust.  A very special horse, he has incredible wisdom in his eyes.   

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] Family and relationships: Pico has a deep bond with his “mom” and has taught her more than any other horse.  He can be dominant and a little bossy with other horses but also very affectionate.  He loves to be with his herdmates and is very uncomfortable being without them, forming intense bonds with them.  His best friends are Apache and Lucky Little Bear and Pico is so attached to them both that he gets upset and whinnies repeatedly when they leave the stables for a ride.  He also loves Chunk, the English Bulldog who will exchange kisses with Pico whenever he can.

Interests: Playing tug-o-war with Bear, snuggling with Chunk, and exploring the land on a trail ride (on or off the trail!)  Pico’s biggest challenge is overcoming his fear of getting saddled due to his history of abuse, but once saddled (a process that is done very slowly and gently with full focus and intention) he is a confident and amazingly surefooted trail horse who shows his love of exploration by bopping his head on the ride with true enthusiasm.

Program Participation: Since his adoption Pico has learned to overcome his distrust of humans and has proven to be an amazing program horse because he requires his human partner to be fully present, focused and calm to earn his trust.  Although he can’t be ridden by program participants because he requires an extremely experienced and subtle rider, Pico loves to connect with human partners on the ground where we always want to begin our relationship with a horse.  Pico responds to pure focus, clear communication and gentle boundary-setting with expressive gratitude and a rewarding connection.  [/read]

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