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Nicknames:  Roo

Horsenality: Rooster, AKA Hershey’s Red Man, is a left-brain introvert energetically but known for his great love of people and need to be in the middle of anything going on.  If you are mending a fence he will be right there in your face as you work.  He is clever, can untie knots faster than Houdini and if you are not paying attention he will take the reins in his teeth and lead you!  Rooster has become the resident artist of the Golden Gate Dairy Stables and enjoys creating masterpiece works with paint on canvas.  He considers himself an Abstract Impressionist and his use of color and space has been described akin to the art of Rothko or Picasso.  He has recently evolved to painting pieces of furniture and sold a set of side tables at auction!

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] Work and Education: Rooster spent the first few years of his life as a colt training in Johnson City, Tennessee at the Rocky Ten Ranch, before moving to California and spending several years working in a 4H program with children where he attended many parades and shows.  He then moved to the Double N Ranch in Turlock and adjusted to a short career in cattle ranching.  At the age of 9 he came to the Golden Gate Dairy and is now the resident artist, having taken up a new career in painting. 

Family and Relationships: Rooster doesn’t like to see himself as a horse so he is dominant to almost all other horses, asserting himself as superior and deserving of more hay.  He once met his match in an equally dominant horse and they were best buddies and spent hours playing and seeing who could finally win.  That horse has since left the stables and Roo is currently taking applications for a new playmate.  Rooster is part of a herd know as the “Redheads” or “The Side Hill gang” which includes Karizma and Flame.   

Program Participation:  Rooster loves a good children’s event and giving a steady first ride to any beginning rider is his specialty.  [/read]

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