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Running Rascal

Nicknames: Rascal, Rasc, Honey Bunches of Oats

Horsenality: Rascal is a goofy, kind-hearted “gentle giant”.  The only Thoroughbred at the Golden Gate Dairy, he is easily the tallest horse at the ranch.  Standing at an impressive 17.2 hands tall (which means his back is almost 6 feet off the ground!) this former racehorse might tower over you, but he has nothing but love and affection to give.  His days of racing at Golden Gate Fields, Bay Meadows and Del Mar are a distant memory now but he his happy to have found his “forever home” in Muir Beach.  He is secure, confident and kind, making him an ideal companion on trail rides for his equine friends who can be a bit more skittish, lending them confidence in scary situations.

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Relationships: Rascal is a member of the “Gerries”, a herd of older horses who are enjoying semi-retirement together at the Dairy.  Their “geriatric” age has earned them this endearing nickname and they love to relax, nap, and hang together in the pasture or the arena.  Rascal has many equine friends at the stables and is often seen sharing his hay with his next door neighbor Bo who likes to take bites directly out of Rascal’s mouth!

Program participation: When Rascal retired from the world of competitive racing, he transferred his natural enthusiasm and dedication to his new job loving kids!  He takes this job very seriously and can be seen stepping much more carefully and cautiously with a child on his back than when he hits the trail with an experienced ride, covering ground swiftly with his long strides.  While he is energetic and powerful, he mellows instantly and instinctively around children and loves to be pet and fed treats.  Now in his golden years Rascal is still winning the race by capturing the hearts of humans! [/read]

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Running Rascal

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